January 10, 2009

A Timeline of Bullsh*t

God is pissed off at me! That or I'm just over-reacting. Either damn way...

Today I wake up like the walking fucking dead. I felt, looked, and smelled like hell!

HELL, I tell you!

I was basically sleepwalking all morning. By some miracle of God (this was when I didn't think He was mad at me) the boys both got visably tired at about 1:30pm.

Holy hell, both of them are gonna take a nap? I'm all, "no fucking way!". But the universe said, "way!". So off to bed go the heathens. Easy peasy. I go lay down and catch a glimpse of the clock as I slipped into blissful unconsciousness - 1:58pm.

2:07pm - Ringy dingy!!! goes my phone.


It's Century 21 saying they had someone who wanted to see the house at 4pm.


I spend the next 140 minutes in a near panic cleaning the house and praying that these are the oblivious idiots wonderful poeple who are going to buy this house and end my torture.

3:57pm - I'm dragging a half-asleep Aidan and a still sleeping Asher out to the truck before the people show up.

4:50pm - The three of us are in the driveway across the street waiting for them to show up, look, and buy.

Bupkis! They didn't even show up!

So... instead of approximately 2 hours of rejuvination I got to sweat like a fieldhand, cut my kid's naps short, and stalk my own house for an hour for no damn good reason.



Anonymous said...

What asses! Don't they know the scramble involved when you want to see a house? They could have atleast been considerate and given the agent a call if they were gonna to be a no-show.

Hope you got to get some rest when you got back home!

p.s. hi by the way, from your resident blog lurker. I've been reading for awhile and thoroughly enjoying both blogs :) but the truth is I'm just a shit commenter and always forget to leave one. I usually read then get sidetracked my one of my 3 or all at once somedays.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Kritta22 said...

Are you serious!?? Your C-21 chick should have called you!!!

When we were trying to sell our house when I was a kid, we would put dirty dishes in the cabinets and stuff just to get it to clean the kitchen...we had a new rule...clean the dishes AFTER you take them out of the cabinets!!!

Unknown said...

omg that TOTALLY sucks! not right, not right at all!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

They didn't even call to tell you they weren't going to show?!? I used to work in real estate and it's bad business to not call when you are going to be a no show...what kind of agent doesn't call! I'm all ticked off for you!

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

I hate that! A pox upon them!

I had something sort of similar happen to me recently. I busted my butt on gifts, inluding three hand made ornaments, for people who were supposed to "drop by" and never did!

They may end up having to visit their gifts on Etsy.

~aj~ said...

I cannot believe you had to stake-out your own house for an hour with BOTH kids in the car! Unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

That's awful.

Karma will take care of them. The house they will eventually buy will be a total money pit or something like that.

Jenners said...

Oh that sucks big time!
That is the WORST thing about having a house for sale -- having to vacate at a moment's notice. And then for them to NOT show up? And ruin your nap and the kids? I would charge them a hardship fee of some sort. That is just wrong!