January 10, 2009

A Timeline of Bullsh*t

God is pissed off at me! That or I'm just over-reacting. Either damn way...

Today I wake up like the walking fucking dead. I felt, looked, and smelled like hell!

HELL, I tell you!

I was basically sleepwalking all morning. By some miracle of God (this was when I didn't think He was mad at me) the boys both got visably tired at about 1:30pm.

Holy hell, both of them are gonna take a nap? I'm all, "no fucking way!". But the universe said, "way!". So off to bed go the heathens. Easy peasy. I go lay down and catch a glimpse of the clock as I slipped into blissful unconsciousness - 1:58pm.

2:07pm - Ringy dingy!!! goes my phone.


It's Century 21 saying they had someone who wanted to see the house at 4pm.


I spend the next 140 minutes in a near panic cleaning the house and praying that these are the oblivious idiots wonderful poeple who are going to buy this house and end my torture.

3:57pm - I'm dragging a half-asleep Aidan and a still sleeping Asher out to the truck before the people show up.

4:50pm - The three of us are in the driveway across the street waiting for them to show up, look, and buy.

Bupkis! They didn't even show up!

So... instead of approximately 2 hours of rejuvination I got to sweat like a fieldhand, cut my kid's naps short, and stalk my own house for an hour for no damn good reason.

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