January 9, 2009

Lost In Texas?

We were driving Lexi to her vet appointment (a blog for another time). Actually, we were lost. I wasn't ready to admit defeat but Aidan caught on to this when I turned around for the 3rd time and decided he needed to be in on the navigating. And this is that conversation...

Mama, are we there yet?

No, son, I can't find the clinic.

Oh, so we're lost.

We're NOT lost! Okay, I guess we might be lost, baby.

Where are we then?

Lost, remember, smart guy?

I wonder where we are. Maybe we're in Texas.

Texas! What do you know about Texas? We're NOT in Texas, pal.

How do you KNOW we're not in Texas? You're lost so you don't KNOW we're not in Texas.

Nevermind, Magellan, we have arrived at the vet.

Yeah, the vet in Texas!

They didn't have room to board him there overnight. Dang it!
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