January 26, 2009

In The Red

I don't know how in the name of Baby Jesus I forgot to blog about this!

At the tender age of four years old, Aidan is in debt to the tune of $200. Instead of living beyond his means, he breaks shit beyond his means. The kid only manages to make about 50 cents out of a possible $7 a week in allowance so his credit score pretty much blows right now.

Aidan's cousins have a Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii. And now we have one. Of course they have a Wii to play it on and we do not. Do you see where this is going? Uh hu, he was trying to put on a "concert" and despite being told no less than 87 times not to touch the drums, the drums got knocked over and broken.

Do you think they sell the drums seperately? No, that'd just be too damn easy. So to replace the drums we had to buy the whole $200 set. And as I said earlier, we don't have a Wii so we've got a brand new Guitar Hero World Tour package with broken drums. Well, the drums work they just won't sit up on the stand anymore.

We thought it might turn out ok because maybe we could sell it all to a used game store. I mean you can buy the guitar and game alone for $100 so maybe, just maybe, we could get close to that for our bunked up entire package.

You're not really going to be surprised to find out how badly mistaken we were, are you? We were offered $35. $35!!! Are you fucking kidding me? So I made the kid quit jammin' out on the damn thing and pack it back up. Now we've got $200 worth of video game crap that is totally wasted on us sitting in our garage.

Damn shame. Damn Aidan!!!
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