January 27, 2009

I Never Would Have Guessed

The kids and I put ourselves up in a hotel after we lost power at home due to Mother Nature's sick twisted sense of humor. Apparently she thinks causing school to be cancelled isn't enough, a citywide power outage is just what we all need to bring us together. I say Mother Nature never spent any time with my kids or it'd be 70 degrees and sunny every damn day.

We get all unpacked, run out to the closest place to get some lunch, and then decide to hit the indoor pool. BAM!!! Right in the middle of a game of Marco Polo (Aidan cheats), the lights go out. A woman walks by the pool a couple of minutes later and looks in at us as she walks by. Then she turns around, uses her keycard to open the door to the pool room and says to me, "The power is out."

No way! Is that what happened? That would explain the darkness now wouldn't it? Thank you, Miss Stating The Obvious, I'm not sure I'd have figured that one out on my own. *multiple eyerolls*
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