January 6, 2009

I Have No Authority Over My Children

This illustrates just how scared Aidan is of me.

Last night as I was at the very end of my proverbial rope and about to snap because Aidan refused to do one single damn thing I told him to all night long I got the 'Mama is about to commit a felony' look and through clenched teeth I hissed, "If you don't pick up your clothes and toys up off of this floor right this very minute I am going to lose every bit of my mind and spank you until I feel better. It will take a long time for me to feel better. You will cry. Hard. Now pick up your crap! When I come back you better be hard at work."

3 minutes later I come back to find him in his underwear standing on his toybox jamming with his guitar giving Asher a talent show. The room was exactly as it was when I left. No wait, the clothes he had on 3 minutes earlier were on the floor now.

Really!?!? Are you kidding me?

By some miracle of God, instead of spontaniously combusting right then and there I just sat on the bed and watched the talent show with Asher. We both laughed.

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