January 17, 2009

I Did Not

I did not consider making Aidan pee in a Mt Dew bottle so I didn't have to stop again on our way to Nebraska. I'm sure there will come a day when that has to be rephrased to say I did not actually make Aidan pee in a Mt Dew bottle but so far, I'm still in for Mother of the Year.

I did not while at my inlaw's house yell downstairs to my husband, "Is everyone gone, is it just us here?" and when he said yes, yell down to Aidan "If you don't stop that obnoxious cackling I'm gonna come down there and whip your ass!".

I did not give serious thought to badgering my husband into quitting his new job in Nebraska because it is just too damn cold for me here.

I did not just lower the price on our house to 30K below what we paid for it. Oh wait, turns out that's exactly what I had to do. And STILL no one has called on it.

Well, that's it, I can't continue after that last one. Gonna go not stick a magazine in the toaster, blow out the pilot light, and leave the house for the day.

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