January 29, 2009

I Better Not Catch Mother Nature In A Dark Alley

...because that bitch and I are gonna lock horns. The aftermath from this ice storm, while beautiful, is quite the clusterfuck. Aidan thinks the ice is popcicles and he consumes them as such. Unfortunately, he grabs the easiest ones which happen to be from the bottom of the cars in the parking lot.

Moms were not meant to be confined to a small room alone with 2 miniature demons misbehaving children. And if this kind of torture must exist, why, for the love of God, can't school at least be open? I know preschool is good for Aidan but it's right up there with air for me. I need him to go to preschool.

We went back home today to get some more stuff and holy crap, was I ever glad we wised up and decided to get a hotel and not freeze to death. Good choice on my part.

Lexi was saved by AJ and her family who picked her up last night and took her to their house where they had heat. We picked her up from there and found a vet with room to board her so she's safe and sound.

Then we stocked up on snacks. Unfortunately I'm weak and I just want the kids to shut up and act like they have been raised by humans and not hyenas so "snacks" were whatever the hell Aidan wanted. Say hello to the biggest sugar/Red Dye 40 high this side of the Mason Dixon. This pretty much nixed the shutting up and acting like they were raised by humans. Say hello to Mama, one slip on the ice away from a padded room. God, how I wish they made baby Ambien.

Before we headed back to our jail cell, I mean hotel room, we had lunch at Chili's. Everyone else in town had the same idea and there were 4 servers, 2 cooks, 1 dishwasher and 0 busboys working (I overheard the host yacking). We waited almost 40 minutes and the scene these two made was ridiculous. Anyway, finally we got seated in the very back corner - coincidence? I think not. 

There was a woman eating by herself in peace. Aidan noticed her and when he said, "Mama, that girl is eating alone." I didn't skip a beat when I said, "I wish I was eating alone." And then the wiseass says, "Yeah, well you can't eat alone because you got all these kids to watch because Daddy's in Nebraska. Sorry, Mama, it sucks to be you." If only he would listen to me when I said the good stuff.
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