January 4, 2009

How Kids Deal

Aidan is dealing with Daddy's absence in a sweet and a tiny bit annoying way. He's obsessed with packing to move to our new house. You know, the new house we don't have yet? He finds empty boxes all over the house. And by "empty" I mean he dumps whatever is in the box out so he can pack up his crap in it. Then he stacks and scoots the boxes all over the house. He tells me he's "got very important things to get done to move to our new house".

He can't pick up his clothes off the floor because he's packing.

He can't brush his teeth because he's packing.

He can't stop whacking his brother because his brother is interrupting his packing.

It goes on and on and on...

When Mr was getting his stuff ready for leave, Aidan kept bringing out his toys for him to take with him. Each item came with instructions or conditions. Such as:

"Daddy, this is Big Bear. And this is a blanket. You put the blanket on Big Bear when he gets cold on the way to Nebraska."

"Hey Daddy, you wanna take my guitar so you can rock and roll anytime you want to in Nebraska?"

"Okay Daddy, either you take this ball, this truck, AND this puppy or nothing at all. What's your choice?"

Somehow he became convinced that he shouldn't send his toys with Daddy because it's gonna be a long time before he'll get them back to play with. And I've since figured out how that was accomplished. Now Daddy introduced Bunjee cords. So now all the boxes get stacked up and strapped together with the bunjee cords. Thanks for that, honey.

On a sad note, after he left today and I had been crying, Aidan comes up to me and pats my back and says, "Mama, I've got tears for Daddy, too." He might string up his stuffed animals in nooses but that's one sweet damn kid!
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