January 13, 2009

GNO - kiddie style

Last Thursday was a Girls Night Out. Kinda. Since I'm playing single mama right now I had to bring Satan Aidan and Judas Asher.

We do not eat out with Aidan and Asher. Ever. Would you take a bull into a china shop? It's the same idea, my kids = the bull, public places= the china shop.

Except that tonight. Despite Asher running on a mere 45 minute nap all day, he was fantastically well behaved. Aidan's only trouble involved the peanuts. He was swiping all the buckets from other tables. All of the other tables. He ate his weight in peanuts and then went on a misson to stomp the holy hell out of all of the peanut shells on the floor. All over the restaurant. I'm pretty sure Aidan's food got spit in. Sucks to be him.

We walked out of there with a huge paper bag full of peanuts to bring home. I'm thinking I might have a stroke because I'm not sure the Dyson can take all those shells after all the popcorn it took this afternoon. Paula came to my rescue and encouraged Aidan to dump the peanuts out in the parking lot and she joined him in stomping into dust. And that little scene was the best of the night.


Unknown said...

I LOVE GNO, glad you were able to go even if you did have to bring the kids along!

~Ronda~ said...

Looks like you all had fun, we need to do it again soon!! Before you go, by golly! I dont work weekends or holidays anymore, just tues thru fri...so let's have it? When, my dear?