January 22, 2009

The Case of Good Mom vs Bad Mom

I counted seven Happy Meal toys. We accumulated them while on our 5 day trip to Nebraska.

Yes, I was one of those girls who said I'd never feed my kids McDonalds. I then grew into that mom who, for the sake of her sanity, eventually gives in when her kid refuses to eat anything but chicken nuggets.

And ya know what? I care not what you think because we survived the trip and that, my friends, should be what we focus on.


Anonymous said...

Wow! And I hate Happy Meal Toys. I didn't feel like making lunch the other day so I went through the trial of loading everybody up, driving through the drive through and bringing it all home. I would have saved time and money if I had just sucked it up and make PB&J!

Anonymous said...

Hayden is in love with these toys. He all ready has 4 and I can tell you that he too will be collecting all of these.

Anonymous said...

At least you've got 2 kids accumulating all the crappy McD toys. We have just about as many dogs, but only one kid eating the Happy Meals.

And now that Adam saw that poodle (the only one we don't have), looks like we'll be going back to McD's this weekend.

Marinka said...

Well, they do look very happy!