January 31, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

On Monday, before we got spanked by the big bad ice storm, we logged some quality time with our friends. First, Lisa suggested having breakfast at the butt crack of dawn. Okay it was 8:30am but damn if it didn't feel like o' dark thirty.

Aidan had some insane idea of exactly how he wanted his pancake and sausage plate to look. He tried to tell the waitress and she did everything she could to make him happy. He wanted a cherry on top of his pancakes and she gave him several to be extra nice. That poor woman looked like she might cry when he freaked out on her because he only wanted ONE cherry. I tried to tell her ahead of time that there was no chance of making him happy but she tried anyway. Bet she doesn't go through the trouble again.

I wanted to stop by Wal-Mart before we dropped Skylee off so I braved the pre-storm psychos. A half hour later I finally pulled into a parking spot and prepared to wrestle 3 kids in the hell that is Wal-Mart. I turned around to see all three of them sleeping. Dammit! So we left. I might be crazy enough to attempt to take 3 kids into a store alone but you can bet your sweet ass I'm not gonna wake sleeping children and then try it. I choose life, thank you very much.
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