January 21, 2009

The Big Post About Nothing

I'm notorious for my impulsiveness. I have zero patience. If I see something I want, there is nothing that can convince me that the three bucks I'd save if I shopped around is worth giving up that instant gratification. I'm somewhat of a spoiled brat in that way. Take it up with my husband.

This theme carries over into anything I get in my head. I decide I want to redecorate a room and thoughts of nothing else will consume me. Right now, I'm way low on blog funny. I've got nothing. And so, the customary blog post about having nothing to post. Jesus, I'm such an unoriginal dope.

Alas there is a twist! The reason I have no funny in me is that I'm consumed with this elusive move. And also I should probably spend less time on the internet.

Let's start with #1. I should delete everything. Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter... even Webkinz. But that would be mean because technically the Webkinz is Aidan's but somehow manages to suck my time. The time I spend, it's ridiculous. I wonder if my kids know what my face looks like without a laptop covering the bottom half.

The #2 mind-fuck I've got going on is this moving thing. I don't want to leave my friends and my familiar place but if it's happening, then HAPPEN ALREADY! My husband is gone, we can't sell our house and even if we could, we're gonna lose our asses on it. It's infuriating. Tell me again exactly where that $700 Billion Bailout went? Because unless you just stop paying your mortgage all together, they've got "no programs available" which is just code for "tough shit".

Everything is contingent upon moving. I'll start working out again after we move. I'll keep the new house clean. I'll bother with make-up and a hair brush when we get moved.

Before the comments start flowing - yes, I know that in this economy we are lucky to have such a problem. This is my blog and I'll bitch if I want to.

So, there ya go. In the midst of an unfunny, nothing to blog about because I have issues dryspell, you get this begging for the zoloft post. Sorry for ya.
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