December 3, 2008

Words Of Wisdom By Aidan

We were decorating the Christmas tree like I was ordered by His Highness to do last night. And by 'we' I mean I was hanging all the ornaments and Aidan was supervising. I told him we weren't gonna be able to fit all of the ornaments on the tree. He of course becomes completely unreasonable and says to me, "So we went through all of this for what? For nothing I guess. That's great. Great job, Mama!"

The other day we were riding in the car and I was on the phone. My conversation apparently included the word 'ass' because from the backseat comes my own personal parrot repeating it. I told him not to say it again. He said, "Well, if you want me to stop saying it, I guess you better stop saying it. Hu, Mama?"

I bought Aidan what I thought was a Webkinz ornament that turned out to be simply a figurine. I told him we'd see if Daddy could find a way to hang it on the tree. "Mama, Daddy can't fix everything, ya know?"

Just this evening Aidan was looking into the fridge for something to drink. He's listing them off  like this, "There's Mt Dew, tea - which I can't have, juice, and that yellow drink that'll make me sick if I drink it - the one only adults who tell kids what to do can drink it (referring to the premade margarita mix).


Anonymous said...

Oh my god...these are so funny! I remember wanting my kid to talk so badly back when he was a wee one and now he is such a smart ass like yours that I wish he would shut up!! Last night, he was playing Wii bowling with my husband and got beat (twice) so he said "I'll play you tomorrow, Mommy. I'll definitely win then." And he is 4 years old! I'm doomed!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. He needs a book of just his sayings!
Mine is only saying single syllable words. Woohoo. No talking back for a while. ; )

Anonymous said...

Way to go ruining the tree, mom! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious I say, luckily you have all of these wonderful memories documented in your blog, so you can write your book later and remember all of us less fortunate, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Boy I could go for some yellw drink right about now! But wait it's not noon yet. Oops!

Anonymous said...

I feel as if I've stepped in to the twilight zone...I could have written some very similar conversations!

Now I want a margarita.