December 30, 2008

Why Buy Toys When...

...Aidan's favorite thing he got for Christmas turns out to be... are you ready for this? A 3 ft Christmas tree I got at Wal-Mart for $6 on clearance 2 days after Christmas. Yup, and it's not even open, he loves the boxed up Christmas tree.

Well, it was obvious by this video that the piggy bank wasn't the big winner of the morning, wasn't it?

Next year it's a multitude of different sized cardboard boxes for him.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Happy New Year, Sissy!

Anonymous said...

Ok this cracks me smooth up because as luck would have it Caleb's fav thing to play with on Christmas morning was all those D*A*M*N twisty ties that hold every freakin toy known to man in their boxes (those things are the DEVIL MAN THE DEVIL I TELL YOU) but if they brought joy to our sweet little most wonderful and thankful boy for even the slightest of one second they were totally worth it right???? Ha I even made myself laugh with that one! Still seriously... FREAKIN DEVIL!!!