December 16, 2008

She's Baaaack

What? No one wonders what happened to me? I could be in a ditch somewhere! Okay, not in a ditch but many, many times during each of the 13 hour drives I was welcoming death and cursing the universe for the hell I was enduring. But hey, thanks for caring.

Well, to mark my truimphant return, a few quotes from Aidan during our trip to visit family in Ohio.

"Gra-mal, can we open presents now? Why? Well, if I don't get presents then we won't bring presents for you guys ever again." *waving his chubby little finger at her* No, she didn't smack him but that's because he's easier to put up with when you're not subjected to his BS every single day.

This was the first time we met Wayne, Grandma's most perfect boyfriend. Aidan was trying to tell us that Wayne had shown him something so he said, "Gra-mal's guy took me to the barn!"

During the drive Aidan was trying to get Asher to say each of our names. "Asher, say Mama. Say Daddy. Say Aidan. Say Dalmation 'Spensive Dog. Say Gra-mal..." I don't know why he couldn't manage Dalmation 'Spensive Dog. And yes, that is the name of his newest baby. Don't ask cuz I don't know.

And finally, he hands me this brown blob of something from the backseat and tells me he thinks it's poop. I said it's not poop, it's tootsie roll. He says, "Oh, it's not poop? Let me have it!"


~Ronda~ said...

Of course, I wondered where the hell you were! Have checked daily to see no new posts, and almost sent you a "What gives"..but knew you were alive when I got the text today!! And sushi, since when do you eat sushi? That is so NOT on my preferred list!!

CynthiaK said...

We were certainly wondering where you were! Glad you're back.

And, glad to hear you cleared up the tootsie roll conundrum.

Krissi said...

Wow did we find our super brave bone? 13 hrs each way... WTF?? I am glad you guys had a good trip, I was thinking that you might be in a ditch somewhere, but to be honest I was pretty sure that the other guy was in worse shape... I wouldn't mess with cha!!!

Jenners said...

Glad you are back! Priceless kid-isms. Made me chuckle!

Also want to let you know that I'm having a giveaway at my blog ($20 Target gift card) if you want to check it out. There is also a quiz about children's books if you are intersted. The link is

~aj~ said...

Glad you are back! It was much too quite 'round these parts.

Mercedes said...

the tootsie roll one is hilarious!

laurie said...

I CAN NOT believe he stuck with that Dalmation 'spensive dog name!!! Where did he come up with that? SO funny!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Well, it would be a shame to let a perfectly good tootsie roll go to waste...

Ordie O. said...

Well, it's always best to make sure something isn't poop before you eat it, even if you're pretty sure it's not. I'm proud of the kid.

Ordie O. said...

Oh, and you forgot the conversation with me on the phone where he tried to get his sort of shy Dad to talk to me after he got done.

"Daddy, talk to Nana."
"I don't have anything to say"
"Just say 'hi Nana',"
"Hi Nana."
"No Daddy, put the phone up to your ear."
"Nana, he just won't talk to you. Good God, Daddy!"

Sarah said...

At least he cleared the suspicious item before just eating it! You have to appreciate that much.