December 29, 2008

Pity Party

My husband has left me.

Not that way. He moved to Nebraska ahead of us to start his new job. The kids and I will stay here until this damn house sells.

It's been barely over 24 hours and it sucks. It hasn't sucked in the way I was scared it was gonna suck though. You know, the standard being slowly tortured to death by my own spawn children like I imagined. The kids have been pretty gentle on me. So to my very supportive friends who joked about me killing them and taking bets on how long I'd last while making it clear they had zero faith that I'd survive - who won the pot? Not that anyone called to make sure noone was dead.

Is there a natural law of absent husbands? I'm thinking there must be because our heat went out today. So it must work in conjunction with the natural law of mechanical failure only at night or on weekends.

I'm pretty sure that very soon we're all gonna be squeezing into Matt's little 2 bedroom apartment until we can get rid of this house. Wanna take bets on how long until someone gets hurt in that scenerio?
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