December 19, 2008

Not Good Enough

This morning when Daddy got up with the boys he had to fix a bunch of stuff that Aidan had screwed up before we knew he was up.

Aidan confessed that he got into the soft peppermint sticks that he's not supposed to have. He told Daddy that I was a silly Mama. That that wasn't a very good hiding place. That they were easy to find and that I was gonna have to do better next time if I didn't want him to get them.

Then when he was in Asher's room changing him, Aidan locked the door so he couldn't get out. Daddy got the key and unlocked it but Aidan kept locking it back. I find this enormously amusing but it really pissed parental figure off. Sorry, baby, it's funny.


Anonymous said...

LMAO... remind me again where this kid gets it???

Anonymous said...

I love when kids turn stuff around so the bad stuff they do is really YOUR fault. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Daddies deserve some of the good stuff, too, sometimes. ;-)