December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas, Mama

It's been months since Aidan has had his hair cut. After the last bout of public humiliation, I went on strike, I was done. It's not a battle I was gonna fight anymore. I was honestly ready to let it get really long. Daddy, though? Not on board. I figured when it bothered him enough, he could wrestle Aidan into the barber's chair. And good luck to him when that came to pass.

This morning Aidan was yacking about needing to "borrow everyone's money to buy a 'spensive toy". If I was a cartoon, a little light bulb would have appeared over my head. I told him if he'd get a haircut I'd give him a whole jar of money. Pennies or quarters, it's all the same to him so I was planning on pennies. Being the bargainer he is, he said he'd only let his Daddy cut his hair. He was in the beginning stages of a mullet and I was scared for him.

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