December 9, 2008

Man Nails and Oblivion

My husband is some kind of wonderful. He went out to do some of the Christmas shopping for me tonight while I sat home and played games on Webkinz. I'm not kidding. I played about 300 games of Triple Strike Solitaire. I freakin' rock that game, mmmkay? Anyone notice a lull in my posting lately? Now you know why.

So when he gets home he shows me his one shiny man-nail. He apparently got caught by one of the kiosk skanks girls. He said he was trying to sneak around but she spotted him and ran around the front and cut him off. Get this, she buffed his nail for him!!! I can only snort when I think about him standing there getting his nails buffed in the mall. *snicker* Then he tells me he thinks she may have been flirting with him. You tell me if you think this may have been flirting.

Kiosk Skank Girl - "Now don't scream out loud when you see what this stuff does."

Mr - "I won't."

Kiosk Skank Girl - "Oh, you're not a screamer?"
And then he's about to get away when she pulls out another wonder-product and says, "Give me your hand!" His response, a deadpan No.

I would give up one of Asher's afternoon naps to have been there to see that little exchange go down.

P.S. I'm sending him back for that stuff. His nail looks sweet!
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