December 9, 2008

Make Believe - I Hope

This afternoon Aidan and Jackson were pretending to kill dogs. We know this because we heard Aidan say, "Come on, Jackson, let's go kill a dog!". And off Jackson runs to join the carnage.

I had him tell his Dad what he was pretending and he gleefully told his tale. We told him he can't kill dogs and he says, "If I have a real gun I can. I can shoot one with a real gun."

We told him if he did that he would go to jail and he says, "If you try to put me in jail and people try to tell me what to do I'll just kick and throw my babies at them."

Good to know he's got it all figured out.

P.S. Aidan is never mean to Lexi, ever! He's been known to curse at the psycho chihuahuas next door but those little ankle biters deserve it. I'm trying to convince myself you that he's not a budding serial killer. Go with me on this, okay?

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