December 8, 2008

Kid Sister Knows Best

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this! Any chance I get to call out my little sister is never passed up and this shall be no different. Trust me, she deserves every bit of it.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday my mom, my sister, me, and the 3 oldest boys loaded up in the truck and drove around rural Nebraska. The road trip included a drive by of the house my parents lived in when I was born, the church they were married in, the school my mom graduated from, my grandparents houses, and finally we took a spin around the little town we are moving to as soon as this house burns sells.

You need to understand that my sister is known for her flighty ways. She's adorably and infuriatingly airheaded, which provides for some very funny incidents. Case in point...

We were driving by a monument in a park and I mentioned that it included some of the steel from the World Trade Center. Kid Sister scoffs and says, "Oh right, like the Civil War was fought anywhere near here. Dumbasses!". I swear on my laptop, those were her actual words. About 2 seconds of silence followed before my mom and I erupted in laughter for the next 25 minutes.
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