December 20, 2008


Kid Sister and the boys drove down from Nebraska and stayed here on their way to Nana's house. KS told me about a little conversation she overheard between Jayden and Julyan.

Jayden - "We're going to see Aunt Tamanda, Aidan, Uncle Mac... Uncle Mac's not a jerk, Julyan, ok?"

Julyan - "Yeah Jay, Uncle Mac's not a jerk."

Kid Sister - "Who said Uncle Mac was a jerk?"

Jayden - "I did."
At least he got taken off the jerk list that he was apparently on at some point.

P.S. Is it just me or there an awful lot of J's in this post?

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Anonymous said...

That's "Tamanta", you put a "d" in it. There's no "d". It's a "t". Got it, Tamanta?