December 31, 2008

It's Resolution Time

Here's my list.

1. I will limit the number of inanimate objects my kids swallow (such as jingle bells and address labels) to a managable number. Say 3 per child?

2. I will try to keep the holy terror/demon child rumors about Aidan at bay in our new town. At least long enough for him to get accepted into a preschool there.

3. I will exercise. Once. Maybe twice.

4. I will vacuum up that dead bug in Aidan's closet. Or I could leave it as a housewarming gift to the new owners.

5. I will not threaten to cut the heads off Aidan's babies when he obnoxiously shakes them in my face. Gonna try the being an adult thing this year.

6. I will quit Ped-Egging my feet into bloody, shredded masses.

7. I will invest my whopping 16 cents a day from BlogHer Ads in a high interest bond and retire rich off the proceeds.

I'll keep everyone updated on which ones I break and when I break them.

What New Years resolutions will you break this year?
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