December 3, 2008

How To Find Me On The Web

And now, the latest internet searches that led to this blog. I love this shit!

what the hell is twitter - I'm on there and I still don't know

my house just got egged - get off the damn computer and go clean your house off!

little pissy - sorry for ya

covering boy hickey - is the procedure different if it's a girl hickey?

what the hell is twitter and why? - this is new. why? don't know what to tell ya

mama suck me, momma suck me, suck me mama, suck me off girl, suck me off boy - that's what I get for naming a post Suck Me A Hickey

to old to suck me - and what is the cut-off age for that?

M*** Growling - is Growling a last name in this instance?


Jenners said...

So funny! I'm going to have to look mine up. I know that when I started, I saw that someone had googled Obama's Cabinet Choices and got my pissant little blog with my choices for his cabinet. Totally killed me that someone might be looking for a real authority and got some housewife sounding off on her blog. Haha! I was actually on the first page of results of that search for about a day but then got booted all the way in the back once the real authorities and Google caught on! So funny!

April said...

Mine are always boring but one I didn't understand was 'go elf yourself'. I know some people did it "the elf thing" but I never did or even talked about it or even elves in ger. Hummm. Yours always crack me up!

Sarah said...

I haven't checked mine as of late but I know they aren't as interesting as anything you have! Holy Cow! That's a pretty good list!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

"mama suck me, momma suck me, suck me mama, suck me off girl, suck me off boy"

Wow, someone was really covering their bases with that one!

Brandy said...

Too funny! I'm following you in twitter now.