December 3, 2008

How To Find Me On The Web

And now, the latest internet searches that led to this blog. I love this shit!

what the hell is twitter - I'm on there and I still don't know

my house just got egged - get off the damn computer and go clean your house off!

little pissy - sorry for ya

covering boy hickey - is the procedure different if it's a girl hickey?

what the hell is twitter and why? - this is new. why? don't know what to tell ya

mama suck me, momma suck me, suck me mama, suck me off girl, suck me off boy - that's what I get for naming a post Suck Me A Hickey

to old to suck me - and what is the cut-off age for that?

M*** Growling - is Growling a last name in this instance?

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