December 22, 2008


Aidan's preschool Christmas program was Friday night. He's been singing songs, doing marches, and making hand gestures for a week. Very excited.

We had our doubts but he insisted he was going and was gonna do it.

He lied.

We dug the camcorder out of the hell that is our office closet and got it all charged up. I bought him a crisp new white shirt and blue pants that was required and he even let Daddy trim up his hair. When the time came we got all dressed up and went over to the church.

He was supposed to stay in his class while we sat down in the gym and waited for him. He wouldn't let us leave. He wouldn't talk to anybody. He wouldn't put on his prop. He wouldn't practice. We knew it wasn't gonna happen and told him he didn't have to do it, that we could go home, but he insisted if I'd just walk with him back to the stage he'd do it.

He lied.

Finally, after 30 minutes of putting on the prop, taking it off again, walking over to the stage, coming back, bowing up and stomping, and threatening to make a scene, we left.

Then! Then, when we get into the truck he starts singing the songs.

And then my head exploded.
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