December 18, 2008

Another Letter

Dear Anonymous,

I think I've said it before but it appears to be time to say it in spanish or sign language or something because you are not getting it.

Quit being a chicken shit!!! Anonymous is not your name or screen name or pen name. Anonymous is code for "I've got tons of opinions and no real balls but I've got this here computer screen to keep me safe so here I go."

It's clear that you think you're clever with your over-analyzed and obviously many times edited comments, so bone up, take the credit. I've left a couple of them up just because I felt like giving you your much needed attention but that shit is over.

However, never fret, I will most likely be addressing some future posts directly to you. I may be asking for parenting advice since you seem to know how to raise my children better than I do. It could be that I ask you to ponder the universe with me just to keep you from rambling on like Rain Man about the human need for instant communication and the perils of Twitter.

Are you on medication? Because you might want to look into that. Or you could just ask a doctor for something to make your balls drop. Then you might stop these feeble attempts at mind-fucking me. You don't scare or intimidate me, I've got kids.

Unfit Mother/Needy Web-Persona/Idiot In General


April said...

Your right, what a chicken shit. It's so easy to judge when you don't allow yourself to be judged. I still don't get people like this. If they don't like you or your blog, quit reading. I don't see why that is so hard for people.

Krissi said...

I really doubt that you would just dedicate your life to making someones life a living hell.... so what is this person so scared of? I'm at a loss on this one... I know you will let us all know who this person is should you find out though!!!

Miss Blondie said...

Yup,anyone can be a badass if they are hiding anonymously behind a computer screen! Keep calling them out!! Its hilarious!!

Unknown said...

*eye rolls*

I had an anonymous comment one time and it still bugs me not knowing who it was...

you are right, if it is anyone that truly cared and had the balls to "call me out" they wouldn't have hid behind animity.

Congrats on the health blog nod. LOL even if you did mock it. :D

Sarah said...

Shhhh...It's just me behind the funny nose and cheap glasses. I didn't want the other commenters to know it was me because then they would come leave rambling nonsense on my blog instead of here at yours. I really hope anonymous doesn't find me and my parenting skills - what?! I fed them PB&J's for breakfast (on toast) and waffles for dinner? I'm going to Mom-Hell!! At least I know I'll be in good company!

Ordie O. said...

Meditation helps a lot at times like this. Try getting in a comfortable position in a place you're not likely to be disturbed (right). Close your eyes and begin this chant.

Ordie O. said...

By the way, I'm glad to see you're cleaning up your blogs in case the city officials in your new town find you.

CynthiaK said...

I love that last line, "You don't scare or intimidate me, I've got kids."

You're damn straight!

~Ronda~ said...

I'm so glad your back full steam ahead!! Go get em, girl!! How was sushi and the movie??