November 24, 2008

Yeah, That's Plausible

So I might have to kill my neighbors dog. He will not stay out of our yard. No, scratch that, he will not quit digging giant holes along the fence through which to break into our yard. Occassionally a fence board mysteriously pops loose so he gets in that way. And his people just watch out the window as we drag him back into his yard time after time. Sometimes they wave. We appreciate that.

As I write this, Aidan is feverishly trying to convince me that the puppy ripped the board off the fence so he could get into our yard. He claims he just watched him do it, he's serious. No really, he's saying, "I'm serious, Mom, Tigger just ripped the fence down!".

"Oh, okay, Aidan. Whatever." Is this the age where your kids become convinced you are a complete idiot? Because I'd have to be to believe that crap! And I thought parenthood was gonna teach me stuff. Yeah, teach me not to believe a thing my kids tell me.

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