November 23, 2008

What Exactly Are You Looking For?

It's been some time since I've published the always a little scary searches that lead someone to my blog. I just can't figure out what these people are hoping to find. Well, okay, it's disgustingly obvious what some of them are hoping to find but some of them...

hopping around pee dance - did you want an instructional video or just a written tutorial?

boiling point for kids - it's probably 100 degrees just like any other food. baking usually keeps the flavor better

hippie blog templates - I didn't think hippies were supposed to care about appearances

n*ked kids swimming, small kids n*ked, n*ked kid pictures & kids swimming n*ked - damn, those perverts don't give up easily! I bet you were totally disappointed to see the black bars, hu, jackass? Do I need to refer you to my warning?

sucking daddies - *shaking head*

what the hell was he thinking? - I wish I knew, I really do

puzzle tattoo man - do not do it! there are better ways to come up with blog material, pierce something.
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