November 25, 2008

Welcome To My Life

This morning I dropped a kid off at preschool. It wasn't my kid because my kid throws huge tantrums and makes me wish I were in Bolivia or somewhere. Anywhere but there. This kid gave me a high five, hugged his teacher, gave her a birthday card and a balloon he made out of pipe cleaners. She mistook it for a bracelet but he quickly corrected her by saying, "Silly Miss D, it's a balloon not a bracelet."

I looked around and even the kids had a 'WTF' look on their face. It was as if we were in the twilight zone or some alternate universe where I've got a normal kid. Freaky.

So I left whoever that kid was at preschool and went to vote in a local runoff election. No lines and Asher was perfectly behaved. Alternate universe where I have normal kids? Seems so.

An hour later the phone rings. It's the director of the preschool. Apparently I did leave Aidan at preschool because when it came time for a fire drill that good kid morphed into Chucky.

Asher and I loaded up to go pick him up and beat his ass take him home but when we got there he had calmed down and she decided it would be best if he stayed.

I think it would be best if he acted human.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will get to visit that universe more often. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. I am treasuring this stage. What I have to look forward to. : )

Anonymous said...

Yup... that kid of yours... freak of nature! There is no way to predict what he will do! Maybe you should call Super Nanny! LMAO Boy he'd give her a run for her money!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with boys who are not human!

Anonymous said...

Boliva sounds good, we should go there sometime!! LOL... As I was informed today that I am still on vacation!!