November 8, 2008

Such a Girl

Does anyone else turn into a huge bawl-bag when you watch Ghost Whisperer? My husband laughs his ass off everytime he catches a glimpse of my tear stained face while Melinda translates what the ghost is saying to the family. So touching...

Then, when it's over, I wipe the tears away in anger. I'm such a damn girl! In all the most stereotypical ways. Like pink is honest to God one of my very favorite colors. I google over babies *although I'm secretly thankful I don't have to take them home so I can sleep the night through. And I can't drink beer. Only tooty-fruity drinks for me!

I do have my redeeming qualities though. For instance, I adore the F word and hate shopping. I bristle at most chick flicks and I think Brad Pitt and George Clooney are tools.

I think I could have been a girl or boy, actually.
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