November 10, 2008

Mama's a Little Pissy

I just got called out on The View. Well, not me but Arkansas. Our newest claim to fame? We just banned gay and unmarried people from adopting or fostering children in this state. Oh yes, we're a real forward thinking, open-minded bunch. I mean, everyone knows it's only gay people who molest and beat children, right? Yeah, straight people would never put a cigarette out on the back of a little girl for crying too much. And a straight couple wouldn't dream of locking their foster children in a small closet for months on end while they smoked the checks from the state away. Good move, Arkansas. Way to look out for the children. In this state my grandmother wouldn't be able to foster a child because she's not married. My grandmother, who only fosters older kids and teenagers because those are the hardest children to place temporarily let alone to get adopted. It's infuriating and I'm embarrassed. Truly ashamed to be from this state right now.

I've seen hatred, bigotry, and false superiority more from people claiming to be religious and acting 'of God' than from any other group of people. Do you really believe that God wants you to hate a woman because she loves another woman? Do you imagine He is proud to hear you verbally abuse a man in public because he loves another man? I'm gonna have to disagree. Throw all the bible verses against homosexuality you can find at me. I still say bullshit. I say it's your homophobic, backward ass issues rather than any real belief that God hates a certain group of people. He just provides you with a socially acceptable shield from behind which you can spew your bullshit. You make me sick.
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