November 12, 2008

A List

Heather at The Queen of Shake Shake posted 10 things she hates about the blogosphere. I started to list a couple things in my comment on the post and before I knew it I had written way too much for a simple comment. So here I am filled with inspiration to bitch about something. Thanks, Heather!

What I'm Hating About The Blogging Thing Right Now

I hate that since joining BlogHer Ads I feel pressure to post every day. I know this may come as a shock to some of you but I'm just not funny every single day. And there are days occasionally where I have nothing to bitch about. This blog is a bitching blog. Bitching blogs can turn ugly very quickly without the right amount of humor. That's where my sick, twisted view on things comes in. I don't want to post bullshit just for the sake of posting something. Wouldn't you rather read good stuff a couple times a week rather than reading shit every single day? BlogHer Ads, you are not the boss of me!

I hate my Google Reader. It shows me the oldest post of one particular subscription instead of the newest posts from every subscription as it's set to do. And for some reason, Google Reader hates my friend because it will not grab her feed for me. Refuses! It actually says, "Forget it, bitch, I ain't grabbing that feed and you can't make me." I am the human! I say what displays, not you, Google Reader! Cooperate please. I get enough of this shit from my 4 year old!

I hate Blogger. Blogger is trying to hide my comments from me. I get no comment notification emails. Zero. I even set it up so that I have to approve comments first and still, no emails. They are MY comments, give them to me! Get your own damn comments!

I hate my stats. We have a love/hate relationship actually. I don't know the magic number of hits a day that will make me happy but I'm not seeing it. I probably never will. I wish I didn't know how to see all that crap. I wish I didn't care. Stop taunting me, StatCounter! Or pad my numbers, whatever it takes.

I hate Anonymous. Anonymous commenters are chicken shits. I've got no problem with criticism and I'll even leave a snarky comment up if you've had the balls to at least give a fake name. I put my shit out on the internet and I expect some amount of high school like bullshit to ensue but at least I'm admitting it's me out there. I'm honest. You are a cowardly bitch. When you can come out from behind your mama's skirt and play like a big girl, we'd love to have ya. Till then, piss off!


Krissi said...

I haven't been getting my comment emails either? What the hell is up with that??? Hey where would a girl go to find one of those statCounters anyway? I've been thinking of adding something else to my page to make me crazy and that sounds like just the thing!!

Kritta22 said...

That's only gotta have more than that. How about the word verification things! i wanna punch something when they have them! If you don't want spam, don't have a blog. It's the internet people!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, please don't feel any pressure because of BlogHerAds. We're happy if you just post a couple of times a week with some good posts. I promise. :)

I'm feeling the same way about NaBloPoMo - what was I thinking signing up for that??

Anonymous said...

Blogger Blows. If they would e-mail my comments, life would be so much better.

Google Reader mysteriously drops subscriptions. And lots of times I don't catch it, then people leave me comments saying, "Why haven't you visited my blog, bitch?" Fun times.

Newt said...

My Google Reader is twitchy, too. But I LOOOOOVE my pretty statcounter. I am its willing slave.

Your blog is fun. I just got here via the BlogHer ads. So that's an upside, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the BlogHer people actually read my blog, hu? Oops! :)