November 9, 2008

It Shook Me

Aidan and Asher were in the backyard playing the other day. Yes, alone! Don't judge me! Besides, if anyone kidnaps them we'd get a ransom call. And it wouldn't be "pay us $$$ if you ever want to see them again" it'd be more like "we'll give you a million dollars if you come get these two!". Can we get back to the story, please?

So they are outside playing when Aidan comes in crying hysterically. He's babbling about "that thing shook me and Asher!". I go out there and eventually find out that Asher had touched the outlet on the electric meter in the yard and started crying. Investigator Aidan then proceeded to touch it to see why Asher cried over it and it shocked the crap out of him. They way he described what it did to him is funny. Once you get past the idea that it could have possibly killed him, it's freakin' funny! Quit judgin' and just watch.
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