November 1, 2008


Our house got egged last night! We were sitting in our kitchen when we hear the crack of an egg on the window. We look around at eachother like, "no fucking way". Oh, "way"! Some little punk ass teenager egged my damn house! What, stealing and smashing pumpkins isn't good enough anymore? Little bastards!

Update: The punks got Matt's truck, too! So what are the odds we'd get hit from behind AND front?

Are you just trying to get a blog out of me? Well, here ya go, listen up. I will hunt your pimply ass to the ends of the earth and force feed you raw eggs. And I'm lookin' forward to it!


Krissi said...

Oh damn! I can't believe of all the places in the world those little punks egged your house! Don't they know they are messing with someone whos never really been "on their rocker??" They are taking their lives into their own hands!!

Sarah said...

I got egged once. That's me not my house. I was in a parade in high school and got hit in the head with an egg. I wish there was video because a 110 lb chick in a band uniform carrying 130 lbs of drums staggering from an egging had to be pretty darn funny!