November 24, 2008

By The Numbers

Numbers are beginning to rule my life. They represent failures, accomplishments, worries, and hopes. And they generally piss me off. I'm not content with any of them. Not one.

The pathetic number of followers of this blog - 15

The even more pathetic number of followers of my other blog - 13

The number of Twitter followers - 33

The number of MySpace friends - 75

The ungodly large number that taunts me from the bathroom scale - yeah, right, I'm gonna put that out on the internet!

The ever dwindling number representing the balance in my savings account - if the number is a negative, it's still a number, right?

The infuriating number of days our house has been for sale - 211

The amount below purchase price the house is listed today - $10,000

The number of people who have come to see the house - 9

The amount of money my blogs are making - roughly 17 cents per day

The number of days until my husband moves to Nebraska without us - 35

The number of children in peril when I temporarily become a single parent - 2

The number of years too young Edward is for me - at least 10

The number on my next birthday cake - 30


Krissi said...

Damn all these numbers! Damn them all!!!

Kritta22 said...

Oh it's the quality of the numbers!!

Haha I had to say that! I can't believe your house has been n the market that long. our economy sucks!

I'm gonna do a post like this and link to u...we'll see if you get more followers!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

You're not even 30 yet?? You're just a baby! Those numbers have plenty of time to improve. Although I'm sure some feel more urgent than others. Maybe you should use another quantifying method...Maybe the quality of all of the above? That would definitely knock a few off the "depressing" list!

April said...

That sucks about your house. Hope it sells soon!

Jessica said...

Who counts that stuff? You know you could always just rent. I know what they said about it but it's better than you and matt having to live apart til your house sells I mean my gosh you don't even know when that's gonna be!

Anonymous said...

You've got one more Google Reader on both your blogs now. :-)
Hopefully the other numbers will either go up or down, however which way you want them to!

~Ronda~ said...

As much as I share your current frustrations right now, I am trying to stay on the positive side of things, however hard it may be!! So cheer up and think positive, something is bound to change soon!!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

You make 17 cents a day! Wow, teach me how oh great one! No really teach me becaue I think I make less than 6 cents a day. ;)