November 24, 2008

Bundle of Nerves

My kids might be martians but I'm a big wuss.

Remember a while back when I started winning the lottery? Okay, not the lottery but I won some stuff. Jaci at Ravings of a Mad Housewife bestowed upon me a copy of the book Wicked and a chance to guest post on her blog. And you'll remember that I was scared to guest post. I'm still scared. But I've turned in my post and I think it hits the internet tomorrow. An obscene amount of people read her blog and so by association, will be reading me. This is the thought that makes me feel like the fat girl at cheerleading tryouts. I'm totally terrified of playing with the popular girls.

So, all I can do now is sit back and wait. See if the internet people laugh me out of the blogosphere.

Dear Popular Bloggy Girls,

Be kind. I'm just a dork.

The New Girl In Class


Anonymous said...

They'll be laughing *with* you. You watch. Go Sissy Go! Yaaaaay Sissy! (imagine crisp cheerleader arm manoeuvres accompanying that)

Anonymous said...

Can I say "I knew you when..."?

I'm sure it's great. Way to go, A!

Anonymous said...

Wandered over from Jaci's. I'm one of the crazies going out Black Friday. Moreso because my husband offered to watch my 4 year old and I get a day out by MYSELF (well, with friends). So worth it.Adding you to my Reader (both your blogs :-))

Anonymous said...

I loved it... just got done reading it this morning, ugg yesterday the whole job thing got in the way of my reading blogs.. .the nerve! You did a great job and deserve all of the wonderful comments to follow! This is your time sit back, enjoy!! And I'm with AJ can we say we knew you when??? Oh oh can I say "yeah, pffft I went to school with funny, when funny was younger and kidless"???

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I hopped on over to Jaci's page and read the infamous blog. It's good and you know it, your witty sarcasm and insane truths of it all fit my life very well this am. I was just throwing around the idea of black friday in my head, looking up sales ads, blah, blah. And in my current state, I'd prolly end up in prison, so...I think I am with you my dear.

Anonymous said...

you don't have to be nervous. you are a great blogger and everyone is going to love you. It was a great post by the way.