November 1, 2008

The Big Halloween Post

The Halloween Fiasco. As normal, it wasn't your average Halloween.

Let me tell you about Halloween and Aidan... Let's just say the Trick or Treat bug didn't bite him. We went to 3 houses. 

He wouldn't say Trick or Treat or even go up to the door. Daddy had to do it while Aidan stood back. 

Asher wasn't in love either. So we just went back home and waited for our friends to come back to start the party. Aidan had way more fun giving out candy at home than trotting around the streets begging for it. 

Once our friends got back we stuffed ourselves with pizza and cookies and the kids played Play Doh and Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin. The night ended with Aidan and Skylee crying because they couldn't spend the night together. That's us, ending on a high note.


Anonymous said...

Love that pumpkin!!

Anonymous said...

glad things turned out alright in the end. it looks like fun but then again I guess we don't post those screaming tantrum photos huh?