November 2, 2008

Where Oh Where Is Tech Support?

Apparently Blogger Tech Support is in hiding from the fucking KGB or something because I can't find an email address for help anywhere on the whole damn internet! So I'll ask you guys. I am not getting my emails telling me when I get a new comment. I've checked that my settings are correct but still no notifications. I found an old issue about this problem from back in December 2007 but it states the bug is fixed. Uh, I beg to differ. And I no longer have a place to title my posts. Anyone else having this problem?


Miss Blondie said...

I unfortunately have no advice for you. I'm not having any of those issues...sorry i'm useless!

Sarah said...

You better go grab your Sparky before Blogger shuts you down altogether!

Posey said...

I think you're right about the KGB. I'm not having the problem you're having but have tried to get help in the past. Good luck!