November 8, 2008


Apparently Asher's screw with Mama clock is set for 3AM. Night after night he wakes up crying at 3AM. I ignore him for about 15 minutes until it becomes clear he isn't going to go back to sleep by himself. I go in there to change his diaper with the intention of putting him directly back to bed. Uh, Asher thinks not! The diaper change quickly turns into a wild, hysterical fit throwing on the changing table. Eventually I win the battle of the stinky butt and then he wriggles down out of my arms, points his fat little finger at his crib and grunts, which is my cue to get him his blanket. Then he toddles down the hall to the kitchen to the fridge yelling "Shzzz, shzzz, shzzz! Jooce, jooce, jooce!" I obey by getting him the first of two string cheeses he will eat before going back to bed and a cup of juice. He spends the next 20 minutes climbing all over the couch, jabbering nonstop jibberish loud enough to wake everyone in the house up, and inhaling string cheese. And then, all on his own, he gathers his stuff up and waddles back to his room until I come put him back to bed.

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