October 28, 2008

Words with Aidan About The Smuggling Incident

I asked Aidan after preschool about sneaking the DVD player. Here's the conversation...

Me - "Why did you take that DVD player to school after I told you that you couldn't have it?"

Aidan - "Well, you didn't even see me put it in my bag!"

Me - "Don't you think you should be punished for sneaking around like that?"

Aidan - "Like how?"

Me - "Like a spanking or no TV or losing allowance."

Aidan - "No, I don't like any of those."

Me - "It's punishment, you're not supposed to like it."

Aidan - "What about we do something else."

Me - *softening at the humor of the conversation* "Okay, how about you say you're sorry. Are you sorry?"

Aidan - "Yeah, I'm really sorry I'm in trouble."
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