October 19, 2008

What He Learned at Wal-Mart

Aidan has taken to pretend smoking batteries. Double "Eight" batteries to be exact. My husband is not amused. And so goes the conversation...

SB -"Quit pretending to smoke. Why are you doing that? Where did you see that?"

In my head - please, please blame it on Aunt Kid Sister

Aidan - "What? I like to betend to smoke secrets. Then you throw the secret on the floor and step on it to get it out."

In my head - too much specific information, no way is he gonna leave me out of it

SB - "Where are you learning all of this?"

Aidan - "At Wal-Mart"

In my head - whew! that was close!

In my defense, I'm not a closet smoker. I'm a "when I'm with my sister and away from my husband" smoker. It's a known fact. No lectures, please, I get it.


Jen said...

he totally almost blew your cover.

Jaci said...

That's so funny. I'm not going to judge you for smoking. Are you going to judge me for binge eating on peanut butter cups? We're all good. :)

I remember my friends and I used to be obsessed with candy cigarettes, and when we were pre-teens we loved old black and white movies with the glamourous ladies smoking. I'm not a smoker now, so it didn't do any damage.

Krissi said...

Oh I so totally feel your pain on this one. I hate it that Caleb even knows what smoking is, but does that make me stop??? It did once for 72 days, Danny and I both in fact, however Danny said that after about 4 days he was going to kill me if I didn't smoke.. apparently I was rather "unplesant" to live with? Who knew??

lifeinbeverlyhills said...

Thank the stars for Wal-Mart and your cover isn't blown! Too funny.

lifeinbeverlyhills said...

Thank the stars for Wal-Mart and your cover isn't blown! Too funny.

CynthiaK said...

Everyone's got their vice. It's just the worst when the kids start mimicking and rub it all in our faces.

Thankfully your cover was not blown. All is safe.

~Ronda~ said...

Hehe, laughing to myself. I was anticipating Aidan's next words throughout the excerpt, just waiting for you to be BUSTED!! We've all seen it, but we are have our short~comings... Ass~chewing eh, that must mean that you fessed up??