October 19, 2008

What He Learned at Wal-Mart

Aidan has taken to pretend smoking batteries. Double "Eight" batteries to be exact. My husband is not amused. And so goes the conversation...

SB -"Quit pretending to smoke. Why are you doing that? Where did you see that?"

In my head - please, please blame it on Aunt Kid Sister

Aidan - "What? I like to betend to smoke secrets. Then you throw the secret on the floor and step on it to get it out."

In my head - too much specific information, no way is he gonna leave me out of it

SB - "Where are you learning all of this?"

Aidan - "At Wal-Mart"

In my head - whew! that was close!

In my defense, I'm not a closet smoker. I'm a "when I'm with my sister and away from my husband" smoker. It's a known fact. No lectures, please, I get it.
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