October 16, 2008

People Scare Me

I am not going to make it until the election. You people are scaring the shit out of me! Seriously, scaring. the. shit. out. of. me! Now, pipe down, Krissi, "you people" are not necessarily Republicans in this case. "You people" are all of those who are calling the other guy a terrorist, the devil, the anti-Christ, Commie, and so on and so forth. Okay, maybe I am talking about Republicans. Only because I've only heard those things from Republicans. I'm sure there are idiots at Obama rallys doing some scary shit. Have you seen the videos of these rallys? It's scary. Someone from one of those videos is gonna be on the news pulling out a gun in slow motion right before the Secret Service jumps them on Inauguration Day. I'm not the only one who sees this coming am I?

I don't agree with everything either candidate supports but neither one of them is a fucking terrorist because of it. I'm not going to get red in the face screaming at supporters of the other guy, damn them to Hell, or make an empty promise to leave the country should he be elected. No, I'm gonna stay right here in a country where your right to be a fucking hipocrit and entice hatred is thoroughly protected.

Now before you start leaving snarky comments, just put on your big girl/boy undies and take a breath. While you might think you know my political beliefs based on this one blog entry, you do not and I'll thank you to not patronize me by assuming that you do. I will not argue with a friend over politics, I will argue with one over disrespect. I respect your right to support Obama, McCain or Bugs-fucking-Bunny if you so choose, and to think what you will about them. I expect you to respect my right to be scared shitless of fanatics on both sides.
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