October 7, 2008

More of the Same

How is it possible for my heart to swell with love for and my hands itch to ring the neck of a little boy all within a 5 minute period of time? He is so incredibly infuriating!

This evening Aidan is laying on the couch with his Daddy watching Air Bud. It is becoming obvious that we will be buying this movie. Then comes the part where the little boy is being mean to the dog to get him to go away. He runs away from the dog, jumps on a ferry, and the dog looks terribly sad and then starts swimming after the ferry to get to the little boy. It's rough enough to bring a tear to my eye! And it's at this point where my rough, tough little man turns his head into his Daddy's chest and starts bawling. I mean crying like his heart was being ripped from his chest. This is the my heart swelling with love part. So I go over to comfort him and he immediately turns into crazy psycho boy on me. There's the growling, screaming, and ugliness that ultimately leads to my hands itching to ring his neck. This tantrum lasted for 30 minutes until he finally fell asleep. He insisted he didn't know why he was so upset and I never got him to give me a reason for the "change". We can only guess that he got upset about the movie and then got embarrassed about getting upset about the movie. Whatever it was it was both heartbreaking and maddening. As life with Aidan has always been.


Anonymous said...

Caleb does this same thing, when he gets embarrassed about something he has done, only difference is that he acts this way to Danny and not to me... cause I guess I'm momma and he thinks it's ok to be mean to daddy???

Anonymous said...

The story of my life! Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

My youngest gets like that, too! He's sensitive...and he hates it!