October 24, 2008

I Should Be Sleeping

I should be sleeping but I'm not. It's 2am. I'm still awake because I forgot to pack my Tylenol PM. Benadryl is lame. When I think of the hours I've laid in bed wide awake I realize it's a damn shame. So much could be done with that time. At the very least the house should be clean. Hell, a book could have been written. Well, maybe not a book but a couple brilliant blog entries. Okay okay, not brilliant but... Lots of weird shit flows through my head at night.


What the hell is it that makes people say shit like "Wal-Marts" when they are not speaking of plural Wal-Mart stores? And would I be a huge bitch to take them by the shoulders and shake the shit out of them until they lose the damn 'S'? Yeah? Well, that day is coming, just fair warning.

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Here! Here! maybe we could start a campaign?