October 10, 2008

Hey Apple Guy

Note: Disregard this post in light of the following post.

Steve Jobs, we need to talk. Steve, your iPhone sucks. I mean sucks in a way I can't even express thoroughly. I'm glad you made it so fucking big because I want it to be nice and uncomfortable when I shove it up your ass! 10 months, 5 iPhones. Yes, 5. My fifth iPhone is on it's way to me right now. And I don't even want it. I want to take a hammer and smash it into a million pieces but my husband's head would explode. See, against his better judgement, he spent the obscene amount of money to buy me the phone for Christmas last year. I asked him a few weeks ago when I could ask for a new phone without getting served with divorce papers. He said 2010. At the current rate, by 2010 I will be on my 15th iPhone. Un-fucking-believable!

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Krissi said...

I'm not going to say that the reason all of this iPhone crap is happening is because your not a Proud Republican... I'm just not going to take it there... but I'm just saying... I'm not saying it! LMAO!! Sucker!!