October 24, 2008

Enough With the Pumpkins!

You can't post too many pumpkin pictures in October, can you? Well, if you can I'm on my way. Aidan is obsessed with pumpkins. He regularly sleeps with 3 of the little ones. I'm serious, the pumpkins get their own blankets. He forgot one when we went to Nana's and when he got home he apologized profusly to the pumpkin.

There goes pumpkin looking all weird again. Why does that happen? If you say or write any word over and over enough it starts to sound and look wrong. It kinda freaks me out...

Where was I? Oh yeah, pumpkins!

He carved on of the big ones last week. Let's clarify, I carved the pumpkin while he critiqued the entire time. He told me I was messing it up and if it didn't look good he wasn't going to let me put it outside for everyone to see. Am I the only one living with a mini version of Siskel & Ebert? The kid has an opinion about everything!
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