October 7, 2008

Bad Mama

Here's the scene; Driving to preschool this am, crazy lady in huge SUV comes around the corner at probably 40mph and totally in MY lane. It was a close call but somehow I restrained myself. And by restrained I mean I only called her one filthy curse word instead of the dozen or so that were on the tip of my tongue. After a moment of silence, a voice of wisdom from the back seat...

"Mama, you can't say those bad words."

"I know, Aidan, I'm sorry."

"You've got to control your temperature, Mama."

"I know, Aidan, I'm sorry."

"If you can't stop talking like that I'm just gonna have to have Daddy drive me to preschool and you can just sit at home while we're gone."

Oh, shut up! Do you know how many creative four letter word combinations your Daddy spewed while driving in Chicago? And 'You can just sit home while we're gone'? Puh-leeze! Bring it, kid. Any. Day.
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