September 29, 2008

7 Odd Facts

If I were smart I'd try not to scare you all by giving examples of just how crazy I am but I'm fearless like that. So, here goes. 7 random/odd facts about me...

1. I think flies are the most disgusting creatures in existence. I feel an inappropriate amount of rage toward them and and inappropriate amount of joy when I kill one.

2. I had my tongue pierced twice in college. As in two different times, not two different holes.

3. There is a dead bug in Aidan's closet that's been there for months and I'm just too lazy to go get a napkin to pick it up.

4. I've had 8 different vehicles since I was 16.

5. I think Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking slutbag and Brad Pitt is a tool.

6. I gained 53 pounds when I was pregnant with Aidan and only 11 pounds with Asher.

7. Most meat grosses me out. I'm borderline vegetarian much to the disgust of my meat eater husband.
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