September 12, 2008

Road Rage

Correct me if I'm wrong but the purpose of two lanes going one way is so that the good, read: fast, drivers can pass up the slow, read: pussy, drivers, right? So why the hell are there always two guys - and yes, they are almost always male - in semi-trucks driving down the damn freeway side by side for 10 damn miles? It's times like these I wish I had a CB radio. I'd be all, "Breaker 99, this is Queen Bitch in the red SUV behind you. If the two of you could just pull over to the side of the road, whip out your peckers, make a decision on whose is the biggest, and let the winner in front of the line, that'd be great. Some of us have screaming babies and motor mouth preschoolers that need to get home before someone learns a new bad word! Over and out!"
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