September 11, 2008

A Realization

What the hell is wrong with me? I take Aidan to the store this am before preschool to get him a new backpack. He picks out an Elmo one. Elmo is riding a skateboard and skateboards are Aidan's most recent fascination. *Do not buy him one for Christmas, you have kids and I will repay the favor!* The best thing about this particular backpack, $5 on clearance. And what do I do, I make him keep looking to be sure that's what he wants because he's been known to change his mind quite a bit. I should have just shut up and left with Elmo because he spotted a Razorbacks backpack and suddenly Elmo didn't exist anymore. Not that $15 is gonna break the bank but dang! It's as if I am genetically wired to reject the cheapest thing. Matt's been saying that for years and much as it pains me to admit he could possibly be right...

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